Thursday, January 3, 2008

Old Time Auto

I did this for an Old Time Auto swap on Stampers' Corner Yahoo group. Started out by dry-brushing the chocolate cardstock base with off-white acrylic paint. Then I distressed a page from an old road map and adhered that to the painted background. Then I stamped and embossed the license plates by The Queen's Dresser Drawers on HVAC tape from the hardware store. I did the same thing with You're a Classic! stamp by B-Line Designs. I adhered those on top of the map piece. I stamped the main image, also by B-Line Designs, on a page from an old novel, glued to a piece of cardboard for stability, cut out and adhered to the base. Hope you like!

On a totally different subject, my study for the Naturalization interview is going well. At least I have been studying everyday. Lots of information that I need to memorize. I hope I have everything memorized by February 19th. Otherwise, I am a dead meat! You would think that I should have learnt some of the stuff when we were homeschooling Ty. But the thing is, the curriculum we used covered World History but didn't cover any American History just yet. So, it's cramming time for me! Although it has been a rather informative and a fun experience.

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Gerrie said...

FAB card GF! I luv how you put all the pieces together to make a great piece of ART! Good luck w/your studies...think of it as a collage...1 piece at a time.

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER awesome card Manna! I really love the feel of the auto stamped on text, and you've pulled all the various elements into a visually-pleasing whole so well. What a lot of work to go to for a swap - the recipient will be thrilled!!!

~ Nancy - inkblocks :o)


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