Friday, January 4, 2008


It's official! Now I am the proud member of the Sisterhood 9 of the Blogging Stampers (SBS 9). The purpose of this group as I quote from SBS itself.

"Our mission is to create a sisterhood where we can share our triumphs and craft disasters. Somewhere we can go to get inspired by a friend. Somewhere we can go to unwind and get to know each other better. Many of us don't have friends or family close by that love to stamp, and we're looking to share our creations with someone who will appreciate them. We want to feel a little less alone and anonymous in the grand world of stamping."
I think it's a great way of meeting new stamping friends from all over the globe and learning new techniques. I am now to introduce myself to my new found sisters! I have always been kinda shy even though there was always this great desire to make new friends. And because English is not my first language, I have also been very hesitant to communicate for fear of offending people and such. I am stepping out of my comfort zone now, in faith, and here we go!

My name is Manna Caffrey. I am a wife to Dan and no longer a Homeschooling mum to a 7 almost 8 year-old son, Ty. We live in the Kansas City area, Kansas, USA. I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I came to United States at 18, for my undergraduate degree in Interior Design – Space planning. After I graduated from college, I went back to Thailand and worked 7 years for the government. I came back to the US in 1998, got married and have been here ever since.

I did not know what rubber stamping was until late 2003. I went to a Stampin' Up! workshop and never looked back. I was so hooked and I signed up as a demonstrator soon after. Then I found out there were many other rubber stamp companies out there besides SU! And I soon quit that. I found more freedom in my stamping style and have enjoyed it even more now than ever. I love learning new techniques and making cards. I especially love cards that move and interact with me. I love textures either the kind you can feel and touch or the kind that just gives the illusion of texture. And because of my quest to search for new techniques, I found many many new friends. I am so very thankful for finding y'all. Many of you have been a great inspiration and I just LOVE your artwork, your creativity, your search for new ways to use your stamps and ink and most importantly, your generosity to share what you have found and learned. And for that, I am truly grateful! I have learned a great deal from many of you.

I have always loved making cards and have dabbled in altering a few useful things for friends and family. I wasn't into ATC's or altered stuff that were not of more practical reason for fear of what DH might have to say. However I have ventured into making ATC's in 2006 and am having a blast although I have my doubt if what I make is considered ART. I never know how to draw or paint or mixed-media anything. I did not grow up using crayons and wasn't encouraged to, mostly because everyone in my family was involved in some medical thing or other. So, nobody ever imagined I would want to do something considered artsy or crafty! I still can't draw or paint but I am definitely a rubber stamper who enjoys great new techniques, any technique for that matter. My stamping style has also changed considerably. I'm not too much into making the "cutesy" but I love looking at all style. Some of my favourite stamps are from Paperbag Studio, Queen's Dresser Drawers, Stamper's Anonymous, and Chapel Road, just to name a few.

That's pretty much it for me, I guess. I hope I haven't bored any of you with my fascination with rubber stamps and ink and so on or confuse you with my scattered brain thoughts. It is my hope that I can inspire some of you in some little ways and that I will gain some long lasting friendship. My little contribution to the rubber stamping community is my blog. I also hope to join many swaps in the months and years to come. Rubber stamping has been a great learning and challenging experience. I hope y'all will accept this shy Thai into your stamping family! Thanks to Alana who found this sisterhood thing and to each and every one of you for making this group possible. You will surely touch my life one way or another. And I am thankful!

Welcome to my little corner of the blue nowhere!


lyzzydee said...

Hi manna,
I am Lyzzy and also a member of the 9tyh sisterhood, I am looking forward to getting to know you !!#Happy New Year.

Debbie said...

Hi Manna I'm a newbie to SBS9 and am very much looking forward to getting to know you ... loving the blog :-)

Suzanne said...

Hi Manna I am Suzanne with an 'e'. your passion for stamping is great and I hope we will be able to learn lots of new thing from each other. Sue :o)

wendy said...

Hi Manna! Just stopped by to say "hi" to a sister of SBS9 and check out your blog. You have an interesting background and I look forward to getting to know you.

Have a great day!

NattyK said...

Hi Manna, my name is Natalie and I have just joined the sisterhood, I look forward to visiting your blog and getting to know you. x

Kim Marie said...

Hi Manna!
So nice to 'meet' you! I love having a new sister and it was great to read about your love of ink and rubber!!! We share a lot!
Your cards are very unique and beautiful! I loved the white on white card...aren't IO stamps SOOOOOO gorgeous?
Can't wait to see more!

Tonya Williams said...

hey manna,
I just joined SBS9. I love the card designs that you have posted. Especially that Truck! My family has streetrods so that is a pretty cool card in my book.

punknscrap said...

Looking forward to getting to know you better Manna and spending more time lurking around your blog.
SBS9 Louise

Amber Porter said...

Hello to a fellow sister! I live in Joplin, Missouri now but used to live in Kansas City on the Missouri side!! I look forward to getting to know you better.

Maureen said...

Hey there! Just wanted to stop in and say hello from a fellow SBS9 sister! Love your blog and look forward to visiting regularly!

gina said...

Look forward to coming back and having a proper look around your blog
Gina x

Katie said...

Hi Manna
Another SBS9 sister signing in! You cards are great, very unique, I love them. Look forward to coming back to your blog very soon.


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