Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lone Dragonfly

This card was done for OSA-ACE 8 swap. The theme was to use butterfly or dragonfly on the card. This is what I came up with. Very little stamping done on this one. The dragonfly stamp is from the retired Wonderful Wings set by Stampin' Up! The bamboo, I got from Walmart in a bundle. I just took a stem and divided it in half. Glued down with Diamond Glaze. I stamped the image on transparency with Jet Black StazOn ink and coloured in with Sharpie Markers on the reverse side, cut out and glued on. Stamped the Chinese chop which was passed on from my Pa (I found it hidden away in a box in my Mum's room when I went home to visit this summer.)

I'll find out exactly what it said and let y'all know! This, my friends, is when I can kick myself for not learning Chinese when my Pa was painstakingly trying so hard to get me to learn when he was still with us. But now it's too late. I don't think I even have 20 words in Chinese let alone the scripted writing such as on the chop. But it's still a beautiful chop nonetheless!

Anyhow, this whole card was done on some handmade paper I bought when I went home to Thailand for a visit many moons ago. The paper is very textured and fibre-ous (if there is such a word) which I really like. Like I said before, the more texture, the better!

Hope you like what you see. Thanks so stopping by today. Now, I'm off to finish up a Life-Saver project for church. Until next time!

Have a super day!

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Anonymous said...

As a distinguished scholar of Chinese myself, I will reveal to you that the print reads: "Immanuel".

What it has to do with the dragon fly one wonders.

And yes, a word such a fibrous exists. It is synonymous with reticular.


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