Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Month Til US Naturalization Interview

This day next month, I'll be taking exams to gain US Citizenship in English; speaking, writing and reading; and American history. Here's a link to some US history questions that Dan found. Maybe you'd like to try your knowledge at American history?!?

So far, I have been very good at keeping up this particular New Year resolution. I have been studying everyday. I am also reading a book that a dear friend of mine, Rosemary suggested at our last outing (Hi, Rosemary *BIG WAVES*), called Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation by Cokie Roberts, which has been somewhat an eye-opener and very interesting indeed.

Have a great Saturday and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

I got 10/11 right.

They should give me citizenship right now as I'm pretty sure I did better than 85% of Americans.

LuLu said...

WOW-I think they're talking about bringing something like this into the UK. However the news when they announced it said that most UK nationalsdidn't know half the stuff that they wanted non-nationals to learn !! ! ! Figure that one out ! LOL

suzann said...

I have read that book from Cokie Roberts and it definitely is an eye opener. I found the strength of the mothers behind the Presidents to be admirable (well, all except one....)

Best of luck with your Naturalization!!!!

Tex said...

I'll be wishing you the very best of luck with the nationalization, Manna! Cokie Roberts is such a knowlegable author. I'm sure the book was full of insight.



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