Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your Christmas Cards for Young US Marines in Training?

Last evening, at the Harvest banquet, a young man in US Marine uniform walked in to our banquet hall. He is David Mauk, one of our very own congregation, 18 years old and fresh right out of boot camp. He is here for a short visit with family before going back to three months of intense basic training and then the possibility of being sent to posts like Iraq or Afghanistan. He had an opportunity to share at the banquet, his life at 8-week boot camp. An idea formed in my head.

This post, ladies and gentlemen, is all about asking for your help with donating your time and material of making Christmas cards to one company of young US Marines in training so they can send home and loved ones Christmas cards during this Christmas season. They will be in intense basic training before being shipped out of the country to posts where each is needed in three months time. Email and phone calls aren't available. Letter writing and sending cards are the only "sure" things they get their messages home. Many of these men and women are 18-20 years old. Although there is one 36-year-old and a few everything else in between. And many have little ones at home. They will sure appreciate however many you can give.

If you would like to help, here are MY personal requirements for the cards:

  • Any Christmas/winter Full, Blank cards (stamped/printed sentiments on the inside are OK) so the young men and women can write and sign cards as their own.
  • These cards don't need to be elaborate or complex to make. Simple ones will be genuinely appreciated.
  • Envelopes are appreciated BUT NOT required because I will supply those if you don't want to send any.
  • Please try NOT to use glittery stuff that could rubbed off and stay on their body or uniform. I know they won't be leaving for Iraq or Afghanistan before Christmas but just a precaution and for safety reason.
  • Please don't make the cards too bulky so they won't need more than one 41 cents postage to mail the cards although I'll personally supply some of these as well.
  • Please get the cards in my hands by Saturday, December 8th, 2007. So I can give them to David on Sunday, December 9th. David is scheduled to go back for basic training on the 11th. This will give him enough time to distribute your generously given cards to the rest of his company so they can get them sent out and get to their respected destinations by Christmas.
  • Please email me for my snail mail addy.

That's about all, Folks! You have almost three weeks for this project. Won't you please join me in celebrating this Christmas season by giving a little of yourself, your time and material for this company of young men and women who are going to be trained to protect us?

Look forward to hearing from you! And my heartfelt thanks to you for considering and participating!

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Jeanne said...

Hi, I am Jeanne Panossian from LEAVES Military Alliance. I just saw David yesterday and he was talking about your cards and how nice they all were. I know he really appreciated this effort.


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