Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life, Bundle of Lil' Things.

Do you drink soda pop? Wanna see another new way to recycle your cans? Cuttlebug it! Here's a sample of what happened with my used to be Dr. Pepper© can. Pretty cool stuff!

What I did, after I finished my almost the only source of caffeine, I rinsed out the can then used can opener to remove the lid part (aka part with tap). Then with old scissors, I cut the can open down the side. Removed the bottom part also with the scissors (this process helps sharpen and give a little more life to your burned out scissors). Now, I had a somewhat curled-up piece of coated aluminum. I rinsed it out again this time with dish detergent, to remove any ant attracting chemical that might have been left behind from the first rinse. Be mindful, now there are sharp edges that can cut and bring blood. Wear work gloves if you would like. Just be careful! Patted it dry and trimmed it to the embossing folder size. Now, I was ready to run off a dry embossed aluminum piece on my

The round part with sentiment on this card was just a left over piece that I didn't have the heart to throw out :) The stamp was a dollar find at

This next one is done the exact same way using a different folder. The sentiment was stamped and embossed on a piece of those holographic report covers from the Dollar store. Very interesting material to work with! I have yet to run it thru my Cuttlebug folder!

No deal on the car shopping yesterday *SIGH*. We'll just have to keep looking and be very patient! A good one in our price range will show up one of these days. Just hope and pray nothing will break down before now and then.

The next post is all about asking for your donation of Christmas cards for one small company of our nation's young Marines in training. Please, if you can help and would like to donate your handmade Christmas cards so these young men and women can send home and loved ones Christmas cards from their basic training camp. I am sure they will appreciate them and your kindness. Please go to the next post up!

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