Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Grateful ...

Technique: Expressionist H2O Colour
Stamps: Stampin' Up!

Top 10 Things I'm grateful for ...
  1. A Father who sentenced His own Son so to guarantee my eternal future with Him. He does what I cannot do so I can be what I dare not dream: perfect before God. (Borrowed from Max Lucado's In the Grip of Grace).
  2. My loving and sorely missed family in Thailand, Mum, Big & Little Aunts, both my brothers, my SIL and my dearest nephew of all, Talent, in Nottingham, UK.
  3. My beloved husband, Dan, for putting up with me and my sillies for nearly ten years.
  4. My most loved and very dearest of all son, Ty, for all the obvious reasons :)
  5. My handful of special girlfriends who have special places in my heart for their friendship & their genuine interest in my life. Thanks, Girlfriends, for enriching my life so!
  6. My church family, for the support, counsel and simply a family away from home!
  7. My stamping friends, both locally and on-line. I do appreciate your input and letting me be a part of you.
  8. Rubber stamping, for being my creative outlet and letting me use my only God-given gift to the fullest! Surely, I'll say it again, it's cheaper than therapy! Dan can assure you that, no?
  9. Thai food and Steak are always a rare and special treat!
  10. Our cars, hard to believe, they are still running!
There are many more reasons I can be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. And I consider myself very blessed! Hope you'll find many things you can be thankful for today!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May your day be safe and joyous.

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Anonymous said...

This card is so gorgeous! I love everything about it - how vibrant the colors are, the beadwork, and the coordinating background. I just keep coming back and oogling it!! :o)

~Nancy - inkblocks


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