Monday, September 10, 2007

Da Vinci Woman

This is a piece of Soot Stamping that I did a while back but never made it into a card until now. I started out with a piece of glossy cardstock and ran it over burning flame until the card is all black and sooty. Then I stamped the image (Sorry, I don't know who made the stamp) to remove the soot from card. Be mindful not to touch the card because it will smear. Then I sealed the stamped image with clear matted spray sealer.

A Pair of Fresh Eyes

This next card is a Reverse Soot Stamping I did a long while ago. I started out by stamping the image on a glossy cardstock with VersaMark and then ran the stamped card over the flame until it turned black and sooty just like you would the regular way. Then I used a facial tissue to wipe off the sooted image. What was left is the image with soot on it. I then brayed on the orange colour on to the image. Sealed with the same clear matted spray sealer. I then added Diamond Glaze to the tiger's eyes to give it a little depth. The image is by Coronado Island Designs & Stamps. The verse I printed off of our PC.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Monday!


Linda said...

Manna, your blog is great! I'm so delighted that you are filling us in on some great techniques as well as some terrific materials and vendors. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Wonderful blog. You make such beautiful cards!!

Anonymous said...

Manna, what fun to see your work! Would like to see some of what you've done in the past, as well as what was published.
"A Fresh Pair of Eyes" is especially appealling to me. I hadn't thought of reverse soot stamping.


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