Friday, January 16, 2009

Walk in His Ways

The image was stamped and embossed on a scrap piece of vaseline resist technique I used for this card. The scrap looked so good and I couldn't make myself throw it away. This image is small enough to fit the scrap so here's a card done with it.

Do you see the sentiment under the 3 brads? I don't think so :) I stamped in blue & embossed in clear. Although you can see it fine IRL. The sentiment is actually a verse from 1 Kings 2:3, that says "Walk in His ways ... so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go." And it's by Biblical Impressions.

Image is from Diva Impressions. A word of caution though about ordering from them. I placed an order back in September of '08, I believe. One of the stamps I wanted was back-ordered. When I received my order, the one I didn't received had a hand-written note that said, the item was back-ordered, refunded! But until today, I never did get my refund back from that back-ordered stamp. I contacted the store numerous times to no avail. No reply, nothing whatsoever. I had expected a courtesy email explaining things. Nope, zip, zero, none. And believe me, I was very nice about it thru the bitter end. So, be aware and order at your own risk.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news so to speak. I don't wish for another transaction with the like of that. It's just too sad to have to waste time dealing with things like dishonesty.

Until next time, may mojo live happily in your heart, and may passion bloom in your soul. Be well!


Louise Forsyth said...

Awesome card Manna, love the colours. Sorry about your bad experience with the stamp company.

Debbie Yates said...

Oh Manna your creations are so beautiful....the colors, are such an artist. I love the digital page you did - it's awesome....I'll have to take a dive in that direction.

Natalie said...

Great card Manna. x

Kim Marie said...

Love the image on that blue...I can imagine the sentiment is cool, too ;)

Thanks for the heads up, too's tough love, really...perhaps they'll improve if they hear enough concerns!

Kim Marie


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