Monday, December 15, 2008

Retro Noel

OK, so this image was done before my Copic days, hidden away in a Christmas pile. As you can see, the colouring was nothing to be desired. I love the retro look but just don't seem to make too many cards with that look! Anyway, here's another quick and simple one :)

Never forget,
Jesus is the ONE and ONLY True Reason
for the Christmas Season!

Until next time, may mojo live happily in your heart, and may passion bloom in your soul. Be well!


Savor the Journey said...

I love it!
And you have done something that I have been unwilling to do, Manna. You have reached to your "learning" period to post. Me? I am just not able to 'reach behind' in my sharing. And the real truth is ... we are all on a journey "forward"! We are happily discovering our "gifts"! And I am truly applauding you! ****clapping in Texas****


Natalie said...

Great card Manna. x

lyzzydee said...

Thank you for my beautiful card!! Is it coloured with the copic markers?? Felt pens for grown ups??
Thank You


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