Friday, November 28, 2008

Holding on to Autumn

In case you don't already know, I love autumn! I know it's already after Thanksgiving and I should move on to Christmas. But I guess I will hold on to autumn for a few days longer :) We still have leaves on the ground. My son, Ty, sure knows where to find joy and how to be thankful for simple pleasure such as a fort of leaves and tire swing! Last of the leaves will probably be bagged up today for pick up tomorrow. Allow me to joy in autumn until the end of November, will you please?

King Ty and his fort complete with a moat!

Ty in his fort all protected and oh, so at home!

King Ty on his tire swing, the royal chariot!

This card is another simple card using Copic as colouring medium. Stamp is by CD Stamps.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you find joy everywhere you look today and always! Until next time, may mojo live happily in your heart, and may passion bloom in your soul. Be well!


LuLu said...

What great photo's of your son playing in the leaves. It's great when children still use their imagination for play and don't rely on a square box.

We've been trying to persuade the caretaker at school not to clear the leaves up just yet as the children are having great fun with them . . . but because of "health and Safety" rules, they won't be on the playground much longer! Big sigh!

Love the card and the image is soooooooo cute.

Alexandra said...

Those photos are absolutely precious Manna - he is a cutie!!! Can't wait to see you scrap these, *wink*! That card is amazing and totally made me laugh out loud - that image is fabulous! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Savor the Journey said...

Oh what delightful photos of Ty!
Now why on earth did I sit outside watching g'sons play kickball yesterdsy ... and left the camera inside?!? You've taught a great lesson to me today, Manna! Even though I'm shaking my head at my own oversight .. at the same time I am loving the pics of your Ty in the autumn splendor! Way to go, Mom!


Natalie said...

Love the card Manna and thanks for sharing the lovely photo's of Ty. x

Meda said...

I love the hippo card. Excellent coloring!

Catherine said...

TFS his photo..too cute.

And your card, love it. Love how you color your image.


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