Friday, June 6, 2008

Mojo Monday #40.2

Ahhhh...gotta love the new feature "Scheduled Post Publishing" blogger started back in early May. This way I can post many posts in advance on just one sitting. And this way, I know I have stuff up almost daily! Anywho...

Here's a card for Mojo Monday #40, my feminine version. I did the masculine one here. I struggled a little with this sketch. Didn't quite know what to do with the second circle. But it definitely made the sketch a great challenging one! Bird stamp is from the Birds Galore set from Inkadinkado, a gift from a friend.

To tell you the truth, I have this love - hate relationship with clear stamps. I have a very hard time getting a clear image, the kind without the "fuzz" around the stamped image. Look closely at this card, you'll see what I mean. I love so many stamps designs, like Verve or Inkadinkado or Hero or many others, but alas the ones I like are only in the "clear" form. If any of you can enlighten me with how and what ink or paper to use so I can get a clear image from a clear stamp, please do share your precious tips with me. I'll be forever grateful to you!

Onward to the card. Paper is from K & Co. Sentiment is from ... (sorry, don't remember). Hope you like!

Until next time. Be well!


NattyK said...

This is lovely Manna. x

Alexandra said...

Beautiful Manna, I just love that flower and the color of this card is yummy! Have a great weekend! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Julee from Verve said...

So pretty! Love the sentiment.

Laura said...

Hi Manna! Your card is stunning!
I've just started a art stamp company and I've learned some things about clear stamps along the way. First, all clear stamps are not created equal...the highest quality are made in USA. Second, when they are brand new, they can have some residue left over from the manufacturing process which can cause beading of the ink when you first use them. Solve this by washing with soap and water or rubbing on a brown paper bag. Some people will say to sand them, I'd never do that. And, third, try pressing lightly rather than firmly, the polymer is somewhat flexible and can make less of a clear image if pressed too hard. However, I also learned that this feature is great for make slight changes to the image. For instance, I have a beaded frame set that can be manipulated so the shape of the frame is different from the original image. Pretty cool! I hope this has helped. Any questions, please email me. And again, I LOVE your beautiful card!
Creatively Yours, Laura

Kim Marie said...

You continually inspire an artist's heart in me! I love your work every time I see it! Wow!

Kim Marie

Meda said...

Superb card! Bird, flower and ribbon. You've got me enchanted :)
And thanks for telling me about the new blogger feature. It might work for me too.

Carol said...

Love all the colors you've used in this card. I recently read an article about getting good images with clear stamps, Laura has already given you that information! Love the bird stamp, now I want to look for that set.


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