Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Journal Bucket

I made this Journal Bucket for my son's birthday a couple of years ago. Jen, at my local stamp club showed us the Journal Jar idea. My son loves to read and write even at a very young age. I thought it was a mighty fine idea to make one for him. My son was only 6 at the time and I didn't think a glass jar would go over well with him. So, I adapted it to a paint can and made it a Journal Bucket instead. There are lots of pictures in this post to show you the front and back side of the bucket and the journal itself. And other miscellaneous shots I think you might be interested. All stamps used are retired Stampin' Up! set called Southwest.

Here's the front.

Here's the other side of the bucket.

Description on how to use the journal bucket.

I added a few pens and some tape by hanging them with an electrical tie, so he would have everything at his finger tips.

Here's what the lid looks like.

And here are the strips of "prompts" or questions he can use to guide and write his thoughts.

My son is still writing in his journal off and on which is encouraging. It's also amazing to see how mature he has grown and how much his handwriting has changed in the past two years.

Hope you enjoy. Until next time, be well!


Debbie Yates said...

Way cool - Noah will have to get on eof these....

Maureen said...

first off - the journal and the bucket are beautiful! LOVE the colors and everything you did with them!

second - this idea is a WOW! what a fab idea! Where did you get the inspiration for the prompts or questions?

totally love it!

LuLu said...

What a fabby idea. I dread to think what my eldest son would put in his bucket (if he had one ! ! ).

As always a beautiful project.

Kim Marie said...

What an amazing gift!! This is PERFECT for a child who is just learning to write more than a word or two! I love the idea and your way of completing it! It's so beautiful and would entice anyone to write! Love it, Manna!
Kim Marie

Carol said...

Fabulous idea & gorgeously done!!!

louise said...

What an absolutely awesome gift for your son. A fantastic idea an dyou made a brilliant job on it Manna.

NattyK said...

Manna, this is fantastic and what a brilliant idea. x

Sarah said...

Manna - can I ask where you got the ideas that you cut and put in for him? I am a homeschooling mom and I just started my kids journaling... but I can never think of topic! Very cute idea with the bucket. Great job.


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