Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Wake Up Call!

You see this wild-haired child with a cheesy smile? His name is Ty Anton. He is eight and is the most adorable boy in the neighbourhood. Oh, about a month ago, he said to me, "Mum, you are on the computer ALL the time! I miss doing things with you!" And I about dropped out of the computer chair. I knew then and there that I needed to reset my priorities.

What a wake up call for me. When we homeschooled and when I still kept my early morning (3 AM) stamping time, we did a lot together. We went places together. We learned together. He definitely enjoyed his time with Ms. Linda, Ms. Rosemary and Aunt Lorraine. He said those times made him feel like a grown up. Now, he is in the public school system where he has made many new friends of which he didn't have when I was homeschooling him. He is doing well and enjoying himself immensely. I work a few hours 3-4 days a week. And when we both get home, he'd be working on his homework which takes less than 5 minutes and does his daily 20 minutes if not more, reading. I'd be on the computer, check emails, read blogs, post blogs, that sort of things. When I was done, it's time to fix dinner. You get the picture.

So, now, I only do all the computer stuff in the morning and when he is in school and I don't have to be anywhere like right now. I turn everything off before I head on out to pick him up from school. We do stuff, read, talk to our heart content! What a joy to see him grow and to get to know my son again. It's also a definite relief to know I am not too far gone and lost forever in the blue nowhere. He is growing up so very fast and I don't want to miss him before he is all grown and away. NOW is the time to be with him and be here for him. And I am sticking to that.

I won't stop blogging. It's too much fun. I just won't be here as often as I used to. When I have managed my time better, I'll post when I can. Thanks for stopping by. Wish us great lives together, Ty's & mine.


Amber Porter said...

Your son is adorable! Kids have a way of resetting our priorities for us and that is a good thing!!

Suzanne said...

You son is adorable and rightly your main priority in life at this time. You will have so much me time when like my son he has grown up and moved away to start his own life!! Cherish and enjoy his young years together. Sue :o)

gina said...

Well I think you are completely doing the right thing, I know from experience that time goes by so quickly and before you know it he will be a young adult wanting to do his own thing, and you will be there wondering where all the time went, enjoy your time
{Hugs} Gina xx

Carol said...

Great choice, he is so precious! The years go by way too fast, enjoy his marvelous company while you can.

Alexandra said...

Your son is really cute Manna and you are right to put him first. It made me think - maybe I spend way to much time on MY computer - our kids grow up sooo very fast, and I want to enjoy them as much as I can! Good for you girl - we will be here when you DO have time! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

suzann said...

With a cutie like him at home, I would rather spend time with him if he were my son than a bunch of women!!!This time of his life is short lived and it won't be like this for long. Enjoy every single moment that he wants you to be a part of his life. They grow up way to fast and would rather be with their friends.

Kim Marie said...

He is so totally handsome! And he looks so happy :) Good for you both!! It is always a juggle to get everything in, but you can never lose when you prioritize your family! My pastor always says he rather "schedule his priorities" than "prioritize his schedule"!
Amen to that!!!
Blessings and glad all is good!
Kim Marie

Debbie said...

What a lovely big smile he has with happiness shining out of his eyes ... he looks so content and happy and do you know your very right sometimes in life the little things that happen make us sit back and think about our life and our priorities and in the big picture things that we think are important turn out to be quite insignificant .. time with your little one is precious and your right they grow up so quick ... on a sad and selfish note I'll be sorry to not see you about so much but on a positive note you'll have the extra memories and time spent with your angel and the time your spend online will be even more special

Debbie Yates said...

You are fortunate that your son misses you...he is great! and wise beyond his years! Congrats on re-connecting! God bless-

Maureen said...

what a cutey patooty your son is!! Time is such a precious commodity and it does have a tendancy to run away with us! I completely understand your resetting and you just do whateve you haveta do...we still love you!!! ((())))maureen

SavortheJourney * TexasGrammy said...

Oh yes ... I do wish you years of wonderful times together! Nothing is like the love between mother & child. I think my daughter began to understand that as I "needed" to be near her while she labored with her firstborn. It's an indescribable, blessing and bond.


Meda said...

He's right! The computer steals so much of our time. Still, the online friends and inspiration is something hard to stay away from. You have a lovely, lovely boy, Manna. Have you tried making cards together?


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