Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost an American!

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My Naturalization Interview yesterday went very well. I passed both the English and American History & Government tests. The whole process took less than 20 minutes. I'm so relieved that it's all over and done with. Next step is to wait for the appointment for the Oath Ceremony. And I don't know when that will actually takes place. Hopefully sooner than later. Please stay tuned for the update!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for all your prayers on my behalf and for your kind thoughts. You don't know how much it mean to me to see and feel all your love and support. I'm so touched and honoured to have friends such as you! Thank you one and all!


Suzanne said...

Well done and Good Luck sue :o)

Carol said...

Make sure you let us know the date, so we can be with you in spirit if not in person.

gina said...

Congratulations, it must be a big relief for it to be all done now, well done
Gina x

Debbie Yates said...

Congratulations an dthank you for becoming an American! God bless-

NattyK said...

I am so glad it went well, lets hope you don't have to wait too long for the ceremony. x

Katie said...

Congratulations and well done. I'm glad everything went well! Nearly there now!


boong said...

i am glad too.

we are just very busy. we had a barista (coffee making) competition just finished yesterday. i prepared coffee for our customer and it helps them win the competition.

love you.

suzann said...

Congratulations, Manna!

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Oh my goodness! This is exciting progress!! Will you please be sure to let us know in advance of your ceremony?

****clapping for you in Texas!****



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