Saturday, November 17, 2007

Anyone misses me? *SMILE*

It has been a super crazy week around here. I'm afraid it will continue so until after the New Year! I have lots and lots to share but I'll need time to take pix and re-size and ... and ... and ... and it goes on. Anyway, I have a few done that will keep me blog happy for a while. This might not be new for you SOS Clubbers. Y'all saw this and the few to come at club last Thursday.

Here's more for the Hardware Store Challenge.

This one was stamped and embossed on sandpaper. Coloured in with Prismacolor coloured pencil. I also sealed it with Krylon matte spray sealer. The grid backgrounder is garden fencing from the lawn & garden department of my local hardware store. I applied foam tape on the back side, around the edges of the stamped image, adhered it on the fencing and applied the whole shebang on the black card base. The foam tape went through the fencing and adhered to the card and it stayed put! No worries of it falling off. I tried :o)

ETA: Stamp is by Stamp Zia. Card size measured 6"x6"

We are going to look for a new Used vehicle later on this morning, woo hoo! The old clunker is about done in. It's falling apart right and left. We will not put anymore money on repairs. We have been looking although not as deligently as I'd like because of the limited free daylight time we have. And we have been very patient and try not to make rushed and wrong decision to find a good decent pre-owned set of wheels. So, hopefully there is one out there, just right for us!

Note to self: also today, there is Dan's office annual Christmas tree picking event at 11. And at 2, there is set-up for the Harvest Banquet. Then the Harvest Banquet itself. Then the clean-up. Then bedtime. And then the next day, a new day full of new graces and lovingkindnesses. Rejoice and be glad that I am alive and well and can be busy to experience the never ending compassion from the good Lord!

Have a great weekend, one and all!

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leenda said...

WOW! This is one amazing & creative card! You've gotta love Stamp Zia stamps!


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