Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Twin Geishas

This is Peeled Paint technique done on canvas. I started by covering the whole canvas with lilac acrylic paint. Let dry. Then with my fingers, I applied petroleum jelly (which acts as a resist) covering parts of the canvas, leaving some lilac colour showing. Then with red acrylic paint, I painted over the whole canvas. Let dry.

After the paint dried, I used facial tissue to wipe off the petroleum jelly. Stamped with the image (which I fail to recall where I got it from) with StazOn Jet Black ink. Then once again, I applied more petroleum jelly to the stamped canvas, only covering parts of it. With copper acrylic paint, I painted over the whole canvas. When that dried, I wiped the jelly off again, revealing the image. This technique gives a very nice effect, indeed!

Until next time!

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