Friday, September 14, 2007

Text & Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel Technique. I learned this from Laura Anne Jacobs of Bugawumps at a local rubber stamp store. With this card, I started out with a piece of matted white cardstock, armed with oil pastel, I scribbled all over the piece, using two to three colours. I left some area white. Then with an old hotel key card, I scraped the oil pastel, turning the piece every which way to move and re-apply the oil pastel all over the piece. I love the texture this scraping and laying down of colours that the oil pastel create.

After I accomplished the look I was after, I heat set the oil a bit with a heat gun. Then I stamped this beautiful text stamp by Wordsworth with StazOn Jet Black ink. The piece then is mounted on a black card base.

This next one was done pretty much the same way except that I used baby oil and cosmetic sponge to blend the colours. The piece is smoother and the colours blended well. Then I stamped the text stamp by A Stamp in the Hand using also the Jet Black StazOn ink. Do any of you know what this stamp say? I see "We" something and ends with "together" something or other. No matter what it say, I think this wood mounted stamp is fairly nice. And I got it for less than $3 brand new.

So, which look do you like better? The smoother one or the more textured one? Personally? I like the more textured one. The more texture the better :)

We are leaving for Arkansas this evening. Won't be back till Sunday evening. I'm going to meet two stamping friends, Audrey Huffman of Arkansas and Lyn Stonehewer of England whom I have only met on the Yahoo Inky Fun Stampers group. But I'll get to meet them in persons tomorrow. I'm so so excited. Hope to stamp some while I'm there.

I'll see y'all after we get back. Until then, have a great weekend, y'all!

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Danno said...

This is my favorite so far. The colors work well together and the stamp creates intrigue. You realize it probably doesn't actually say anything, but it's fun to try and read something into it.


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