Monday, September 24, 2007

Words Hurt?

I Learnt a hard lesson yesterday. Words can and have the power to hurt. So, I hurt at least two of my very close and dearly loved friends. The worst part of this deal is that I can't take any of it back. They weren't hateful words just carelessness on my part. I would lay down my life for these girls. And I hurt them with my careless words. *SIGH*

So, I made two cards to tell them how sorry I am to cause them grief and anxiety. One, I already sealed before I had a chance to take a snapshot at. But here's the other.

The background was done a while back using Melted Crayon technique. I wrapped the flat part of my iron with aluminum foil. Heated the iron but not too hot or the crayon will run too much. With kids crayon (I used Crayola Metallic FX Crayon on this one), scribbled on the aluminum foil. And swiped the iron across the cardstock, repeating until I was happy with the result.

The image is from Paperbag Studio. I stamped it using StazOn Jet Black ink. And with black Dymo tape saying, so very sorry, to communicate what I wanted to say. Then I finished the card with a purple jewel thing that I can never remember the exact name for them.

The image, she looks kinda sad and repentant. I hope my friends will know that I am. And without any doubt, there is forgiveness I can feel coming my way. And this, ladies & gentlemen, is GRACE, at work!

Until next time!

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